Achievements in OLYMPIAD


Aims and objectives:

Science Olympiad Foundation

With an aim to popularize Science Olympiad Programme at primary and secondary level of school education and to strive for overall excellence in basic science education at grass root level.

SOF is a registered not-for-profit organization popularizing science, mathematics and computer education among school children.

A non-profit organization established by leading academicians, scientists and media personalities with the aim of promoting science, mathematics and computer education, the Science Olympiad Foundation has been striving for over a decade to promote scientific attitude through innovative activities and use of IT in learning process that involve school students across the country.


All activities of the Foundation invariably aim at making learning an interesting and interactive process in which the learner is actually able to put his / her skills, memory, talent and knowledge to test.

For this the Foundation conducts workshops, seminars and science/IT competitions for students of different classes and age groups. Science workshops have already become a great success in several schools. The National Science Olympiad has proved to be a highly motivating and rigorous aptitude testing platform with special and exclusive focus on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mental Ability. The National Cyber Olympiad focuses on logical reasoning, analytical skills and IT.

The International Mathematics Olympiad is a mean to identify and encourage the mathematical creativity of children through

 Achievement in Olympiads

Children are participated in Green Olympiad and awaiting for the Results