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विद्यालय प्रबंधन समिति की बैठक




  The second VMC Meeting for the session 2017-18 was held on 24.01.2018 (Wednesday) at 03:00 pm in the Vidyalaya. Shri. R.V. Rao – GM (HR), RINL, VSP and the Chairman, VMC, KV Steel Plant presided over the meeting. Shri. M.V.R.S.S.VL.N. Sastry- Principal, KV Steel Plant and the Member Secretary, VMC extended a warm welcome to the Chairman & the Members of the VMC and informed the VMC about the Vidyalaya activities till date. A review was done on the implementation of earlier resolutions. Agenda items were taken up for discussion with the permission of the Chair.


The following are the minutes of the Meeting:


Agenda Item



Confirmation of the minutes of the Previous meeting.

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 06.09.2017 including the action taken was informed by the Principal & Member secretary Shri. M.V.R.S.S.V.L.N. Sastry. Since the members have not raised any queries and the Chairman VMC have confirmed the minutes. However further follow up action like disposal of condemned articles etc. to be taken up.



Progress of Board going students of Class X & XII.

Ø  Shri. M.V.R.S.S.V.L.N. Sastry – Principal explained that the academic calendar of activities of KVS (RO) Hyderabad is being followed by the Vidyalaya.

Ø   KVS has already fixed target of 100% pass with prescribed PI for Class X & XII.

Ø  This year all the students of Class X are going to appear for AISSCE as per the CBSE guidelines.

Ø  For Class XII students 1st Pre-board exams were already completed and 2nd Pre-board is concluding on 25.01.2018.

Ø  Special coaching classes were conducted in the Vidyalaya during the winter break for Board going students and after the completion of Pre-board exams, teachers will be concentrating on slow learners exclusively.

Ø  The Principal informed that a few students are not showing the desirable progress and the parents are not turning up.

Ø  The Chairman asked the Principal to give the names and contact numbers of such students and requested Shri. A. K. Verma- Deputy Commandant CISF and member VMC to talk to the students and their parents from CISF.

Ø  The Principal assured that the details will be submitted to the Chairman.


Works to be taken up / Purchases to be taken up during February and March 2018.

Ø  The Principal informed the VMC that after budgetary provisions, an amount of about 4 to 5 lakhs will be available against Computer Fund. There is a proposal to purchase 8-10 computers.

Ø  He said log in to GEM was not possible even after trying several times. The Chairman suggested to try to contact Head office regarding this problem.

Ø  The VMC agreed to the proposal of replacing the tiles on the staircase.

Ø  Black boards are in damaged condition due to wear and tear and hence they need to be replaced with fibre glass boards. Some of the display boards also need replacement as they are in poor condition.


Any other points

A) Proposal for enhancement of Fees :-

Ø  Mr. B. Vithal – AGM (Fin), RINL VSP informed about the proposal from the welfare section of RINL for enhancing the fee from the next academic year.

Ø  The Principal explained that as per the Accounts Code of KVS, the proposal for fee enhancement can be taken up under ‘Differential fee structure for KVs under Project Sector”. Already some information regarding this has been collected from KVs running under Project sector like KV DRDO, Hyderabad etc.

Ø  The category wise details of students as on date is as follows:

Total students =1382

Category-I (children and grandchildren of RINL employees) = 231

Category –II ( Children of parents working in Central Govt. Department including armed forces ) = 415

Category-III (Children of parents working in other PSUs of Govt. of India )=20


Category-IV (Children of parents working in State Govt. Depts. )= 24

Category-V (Children of parents working in State Govt. undertakings )=19

Category –VI ( private ) = 673

Ø  Out of these about 219 students under BPL category don’t pay the VVN and 23 students admitted under Single Girl Child quota are also exempted from fee payment from class VI onwards.

Ø  Mr. R.V. Rao- GM (HR) RINL, VSP and Chairman, VMC enquired about the process of admission in case there are more number of applicants among SGC. The principal explained that there will be a category wise draw of lots as per KVS admission guidelines.

Ø  Mr. B. Vithal – AGM (Fin), RINL VSP and Member VMC enquired how do the school authorities ensure that the students belong to SGC quota.

Ø  Mrs. A. Sujatha Devi- PGT (English) and Admissions In-charge informed that a medical certificate of sterilization from Parents or an affidavit is obtained and also family details are verified from Service records or from Ration Card.  

Ø  Mr. B. Vithal – AGM(Fin), RINL VSP proposed 3 slabs for introducing Project Fee as follows:

Rs. 100/- per month for the students of Category-I.

Rs.300/- per month for the students of Category II & III.

Rs. 400/- per month for the students of Category IV, V & VI.

Ø  The Principal informed that the fee collected shall go either into Tuition Fee or into a separate head under Project Fee as per the provisions in KVS Accounts Code vide KVS Order No.F6-1/91-KVS/Budget dated 11.11.1999.

Ø  Mr. A.K. Verma- Deputy Commandant, CISF and VMC member enquired about how the ceiling is fixed for enhancing the fee.

Ø  The Chairman informed that the fee enhancement is planned in comparison with other Project schools.

Ø  The Chairman suggested the Principal to inform about the same to the Welfare Section of RINL.  


B) Disposal of condemned articles :-

Ø  The Principal informed the VMC that some scrap is left out after condemnation (such as tube lights, taps and small items) which should be disposed. The items have very less value where as the Newspaper advertisement is very costly and hence the details will be sent to all KVs so that the interested vendors will come to know and contact the Vidyalaya. The amount obtained after disposal will be deposited in miscellaneous account.

Ø  The Chairman suggested to speak to the RINL material stores in case some vendors are interested.

C) Menace of ex-students at the out gate of school :-

Ø  The Principal informed the VMC that some ex-students are causing inconvenience to students & staff after school hours by passing comments etc. and causing problem to the safety and security of students.

Ø  The Chairman asked whether the issue was informed to Police dept. The Principal said that a letter about this was sent to local Police station.


Ø  The Principal requested the concerned personnel to come in mufti and check the miscreants.


D) Issues of Teachers’ welfare :-

Ø  (i) Medical referral: Mr. A.K. Mishra – TGT (Hindi) and Teacher member of VMC requested the VMC to take up certain issues pertaining to Teachers’ welfare.

Ø  Medical referral facility to be restored to the teachers and their dependent family members.

Ø  The Chairman VMC said that the matter was taken up by the Welfare Dept. Of RINL and no decision is taken so far.

Ø  He asked the Principal to find out the details of applicability of CS (MA) to KV VSP employees and the Principal agree to take it up.


Ø  (ii) Allotment of suitable quarters: As per the present rules all the KV teachers are eligible for C-type accommodation. Mr. A.K. Verma- Dy. Commandant, CISF & Member VMC said the eligibility is decided based on the plinth area of quarters.

Ø  The Chairman asked to provide a copy of the letter regarding the Govt. accommodation and appropriate decision shall be taken by the estate Dept. of RINL.


Ø   (iii) Air Travel on official purpose :

Ø  The Principal informed that some categories of KVS employees are entitled for air travel during official duties like trainings, meetings, workshops etc.

Ø  The Chairman said that in RINL all the executives from AGM, DGM, GM etc. are eligible for air travel but due to financial constraints only GMs are given entitlement. Due to austerity measures, approval is not given and once the rule is lifted probably all the eligible employees will be given.




The meeting came to an end with Vote of Thanks proposed by

Shri. M.V.R.S.S.V.L.N. Sastry- Principal & Member secretary of VMC.




The following members of VMC were present in the meeting.

1.   Shri. R.V. Rao- GM (HR) RINL, VSP.

and Chairman, Vidyalaya Management Committee, KV Steel Plant.


2.   Shri.B. Vithal – AGM(Fin), RINL VSP

and Member, VMC, KV Steel Plant.


3.   Shri. Y.V.S.R. Srinivasa Rao- AGM (TA), RINL, VSP.

and Technical member VMC, KV Steel Plant


4.   Shri. A.K. Verma- Dy. Commandant, CISF VSP

and co-opted member VMC, KV Steel Plant


5.   Shri. A. K. Mishra- TGT(Hindi), KV Steel Plant

and Teacher Member VMC, KV Steel Plant


6.   Shri. M.V.R.S.S.V.L.N. Sastry- Principal, KV Steel Plant

and Member Secretary, VMC, KV Steel Plant


The following special invitees were present in the meeting.

1.   Shri. Satya Ranjan Dash- Vice Principal, KV Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam.

2.    Smt. A. Sujatha Devi-PGT (Eng), KV Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam.